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The extreme versatility of this system is perfectly organized to respond to the more and more complex and competitive manufacturing system. .

Some applications
Automatic inspection of the marc for the production of distillates and energy
The system checks the marc at the start of the distillation process, to remove solid material that might damage the system. The matric camera viewing system acquires images that are processed by a dedicated software developed by Eontych. The seizing system removes the objects identified by the viewing system
Automatic check of O-rings
The O-rings analysis is carried out by two viewing systems equipped with high-definition matric cameras. The use of only two viewing systems gives the machine compactness and high inspection and handling speed. The system can analyze 6 O-rings per second, for a total of 21,600 O-rings per hour. A sophisticated neural software, developed by Eontych, enables the system to identify flaws of shape, cracks, burrs, and other anomalies on the surface.
Viewing system for work stations that assemble hardware on casings
The System recognizes holes of different shape and diameter on the hardware (star, tapered, etc.), and communicates the coordinates to the actuator that applies the screws to fasten the hardware to the casing. Camera and lights are installed on a trolley that moves along the perimeter of the casing at a speed of 60 m/min. A sophisticated neural software, developed by Eontych, guarantees a high calculation speed and flexibility that well adjusts to the specific application.
System for the automatic check of flaws on wooden planks
The machine is equipped with a viewing system with linear cameras to analyze wooden planks of various sizes that run on conveyor belts at a speed of 180 m/min. A sophisticated neural software allows identifying and classifying the main flaws that can be found on wooden planks, such as live and dead knots, pockets of resin, cracks, woodworms and moulds.
System for fruit sorting
The machine is equipped with a viewing system with matric cameras that allow analyzing the entire surface of the fruit. The selection is made based on flaws such as different kinds and colors of spots, flaws caused by insects, breaks, etc. The fruit is selected according to the current standards: 1st choice, 2nd choice and reject.
Automatic check of containers for infusion products and of the liquid inside
The system is designed to analyze containers made of any kind of material. The machine analyzes every bottle or container, checking for the presence of flaws such as bubbles (glass), flaws (glass), micro-cracks (plastic), poor seal, batch numbers missing, expiry date missing, unclear writing, labels. The check of the liquid content consists in detecting any foreign body in suspension such as fragments of filter or plastic gaskets, cellulose fibers, fragments of the rubber cap, etc.
System for the automatic positioning of “tortelloni” on trays
The system places the product on trays so that the tip is upward and oriented in the same direction. The viewing system checks by means of a neural software that the tortelloni are not upside down, have no flaws and all look in the same direction. The system can process 12,000 tortelloni per hour.


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