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Motion Transmission

logo Belts: trapezoidal, toothed, and grooved, of rubber and polyurethane. Pulleys: toothed, grooved. Self-centering shrink disks. Torque limiters. Taper Lock Bushes. Chains. Gears. Pinions. Crown gears. Bevel gear pairs. Racks.
logo designing and manufacturing electrical motors for industrial applications with power rating from 0,5kW up to 2500kW, particularly where speed variation is requested: D.C. Motors up to 2700kW, A.C. Motors for inverter supply up to 1500kW, Permanent Magnet Synchronous motors and generators, Winches for rope lifts
logo Reduction gears series Clean Drive TM with Aseptic painting for the food and pharmaceutical industry, equipped with IP-67 protection degree connectors, recommended for applications in sectors that require high standards of cleanness or where there is a high environmental contamination.
Motors: Delphi three-phase motors, Delphi AT Self-braking motors, SV power cooled motors. Reducers: BOX wormgear units, Pre-stage STADIO, VARIO speed variators, ROBUS in-line helical gearbox. Motive motors are built according to international standard regulations; each size throughout the construction forms is calculated with reference to the tables of standard IEC 72-1
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